April 5th, 2018

The Success to being Paralysed – by Natasha Sutton

The high life was the great life?

So… if I was to tell you that I’ve worked with the ‘whose who’ in the celebrity world and that the high life was the great life? Would you want to read on? Curiosity is a strange and wonderful trait of many humans. But as the story develops, there is always knowledge to be gained.

My name is Natasha, against all the odds and inexperience in business… I became a success and challenged myself to learn about communications, creativity and business skills to progress myself forwards. Back in the early 00’s I was someone who took, any and every line of work in the corporate and cultural industries to learn the necessary skills to progress and gain those all-important life experiences.

The challenges affected my relationships because I was too focused on what I thought was the right path to see the pain I was causing everyone. The only way I could describe this time is one of determination and not being mindful of who I was. The Artist? The Creator? The Lover? The Nurturer?

I never really took note of how I was feeling. After finishing a 10 year relationship and experiencing physical heart break for the first time. I cultivated that pain into steering my new path and new journey. It was terrifying. No mentor, no teacher, just pure gut instinct. Whilst having to live with my parents to work out the next part of the journey, it became clear that I was really hoping that I would be swept off my feet by being told how to live now? A pamphlet came through the post “Study Abroad” and it had an attachment to photography and language courses. I left that pamphlet on the side as I decided a bottle of wine would further my vision on the way to my destiny. I fumbled up in the attic and rediscovered old photos and boxes of art and memorabilia and really zoned into the kid I once was. I found great joy in getting out old colouring books even though I was tipsy and cold up there. Playing became the new language that spurred me on.

The next day as I am cradling the hangover from hell… I saw the pamphlet and some photos I took as a child of random objects. There was no question, no doubt. It was time for an adventure to find out who I was going to be.

Memories of myself as a child came back and asking my mum for jam jars at Sainsbury’s. I remember collecting them and my Mum just wanting to know what they were for. With a school friend we started collecting caterpillars. I asked teachers how to look after caterpillars and what do they eat? Then made these little tags and started selling caterpillars for 50p with food and instructions on how to grow a butterfly. I realised that I had an entrepreneurial mind. What the hell was I going to do with that in this day and age?

I booked the flight, had a month of unfinished business to clear up and left for Florence in Italy to begin my journey.

I did it! I became a professional photographer, with extra credits in film and sculpture studies… I fell in love, not with a person, but a country. I ended up travelling to parts of the world and making a difference in Canada with my photographic eye. This is where Split Second Events was born.

So, let me introduce myself… 18 years on in the profession and with a severe illness that changed me forever. I am now a creative consultant, helping businesses gain their vision with strategy and imagery. I promote businesses and seek collaborative partners. I use my personality, to direct and open new business pathways that others don’t see. Oh, and yes there is the big fun kid and professionalism thrown in for nada.

The next blog is about how I was a Success to being Paralysed and what tools I use to increase my wellbeing.

 A Success to being Paralysed and the tools I use to increase my wellbeing.

After a period of time when you come out of adversity, your patterns of behaviour can sometimes be erratic, disquieted and manic… why? Because of the stress to get yourself back into society and fit in, at the same time as needing to let go of a life you once had.

I’m here to say, those feelings are totally normal and you are not losing your marbles, but instead, just needing a team of individuals that can understand and support you. These behaviour patterns only show their ugly heads when you are over thinking a situation.

Any stress to the mind and body, from head trauma or mental health injury, will leave you wanting to be silent more. In some circumstances you are forced into creating a better life style.  If you go against listening to your body and mind, the effect will be one, where you become frustrated, unloved, misunderstood and spiral into that erratic, manic behaviour.

It is knowing where to begin and not to beat yourself up for those days when you cannot achieve what you set out to do, right? YES! You can make a difference and stop that vicious cycle by applying six techniques that I use to keep me in check and feeling happy with body and mind.

  1. When you feel the frustration forming and erratic behaviour beginning; Go into why you are acting this way? Then when you find the answer. Do 3 or more deep belly breathes, until you feel ‘as one’ and calm. Then communicate with those around you telling them, in a way they can relate to, on how you are feeling.
  2. Always carry a list of affirmations, photos of treasured moments, loved ones and something that makes you reflect and smile. This helps when you feel alone and also when you are having mental clarity to feed your brain knowledge. TIP; I find it helps to change the routine and pattern or add new affirmations and photos, creates more stimulus.
  3. Down days are normal. As long as you communicate to others around you. That is all you need to do. Be quiet and reserve energy if you need to. It is okay! No one is judging you. That is your fear talking because you are acknowledging change. Down days give us that time to grieve for a person we once were. Make sure at the end of your day you write the date and say “I love who I now am and who I was, I’ve now had a day of accepting and moving forward with my journey”: it becomes quite powerful as your brain will start to heal with retaining information that gives you grounding.
  4. Please make sure you play and laugh… it is scientific (I’m a science geek) as well as logical. Dopamine and endorphins will help with aches, pains and wellbeing. So, plan a fun day each week, or if you are lucky with having finances and time in the right order. Per day!
  5. Do something for someone else… I’ve found it so cathartic to be there for friends who are in a bad place and by helping charities with campaign strategy and implementation. Working with children (they can be totally transparent and non-judgmental) aids the early stages of coming out of something.
  6. Saving the best until last! Make sure you see a nutritionist. My body responds to Ayurvedic treatments and I am converting to a vegan diet; the body is asking, and I am listening. So, find a diet plan that works for you.

Replace Can I? with I Can!

So, the above is how I have put things together. Does it help to know you are not alone and stressed? These are in my words and from the heart.

I have connected with people who just openly talk about their journey; it has opened my eyes to a realm of people that have come out of horrific circumstances. I am standing up, to speak about my journey, not just for me, but the many others that are not yet strong enough to speak out. The next part of my self-discovery is to push the boundaries and receive the mentoring from the founders of working women that will help me become more confident and self-assured. This time next year I want to be empowered, confident and a thought-leader. Watch this space!