December 7th, 2017

Life Is Short – Let’s Not Waste It by Ania Jeffries

Life is incredibly short and we should not waste it. We should be living every second, every minute, and every hour of it whilst we can because none of us know what is around the corner for us. We all speak about doing something ‘one day’ (listen to Brian Tracey’s Someday Isle on YouTube) but how many of us put our dreams on hold and actually take the next step to truly action them. How many of us just get used to sitting within our comfort zone where nothing exciting happens, where you drift along thinking about that someday when you will do everything that you have always thought about. The reality is that ‘someday’ never comes. Life has a habit of throwing huge challenges at you and it was one of these challenges, an unexpected medical diagnosis within the family that led me to action the Female Entrepreneurs Adventure Expedition, October 2018 in Malawi.

It has been my dream for years, since the age of 25, to create an expedition for women, not just aimed at founders of businesses but at women who want to consciously create a better future for the next generation. Women who are passionate about sustainability and female empowerment. My mission as a wife, as a mum of 3, is to give women a voice. To inspire them to leave a legacy by growing new collaborations with likeminded powerful women to build strong communities.  I have joined forces with Orbis Expeditions to turn my dream into a reality. This 9-day expedition in Malawi is tailor-made to your personal interests. It aims to link you with 14 inspirational women who want to give back, share information, and create new collaborations. Women who want to push themselves personally and professionally, whilst connecting to nature, hitting the pause button and reflecting on their own business and life goals in the beauty of Africa. During your time in Malawi, you will meet a real range of people from market sellers to musicians to youth group leaders, to women who run successful businesses in the city. We will link your skills, interests, and passions to relevant entrepreneurs in Malawi so that you can share your skills, experiences to build possible links for future businesses and friendships with the women you meet.

If you know that you were born to make a difference in this world, to contribute in ways you never thought possible, to change other people’s lives then this expedition is for you. Please click here: for further details.

Ania Jeffries
Award Winning Coach, International No.1 Best Selling Author, Founder of Women Work, Mentor for the Princes Trust, Radio CoPresenter, TEDx Committee, Ambassador for Girl Rising.