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A group of 18 Women from around the globe, have come together to launch a book – Pay It Forward: Notes To My Younger Self

In the first of it’s kind, the authors are encouraging readers to purchase the book and then follow the “pay it forward” concept – encouraging women to pass it on – once the book has been read, the reader pays it forward to other women, whether that is family, friends or a complete stranger in order to reach one billion women and send a ‘ripple of hope’ around the globe.

The book shares pivotal moments from 18 women (including 5 of the Women Work speakers – Kezia Luckett, Ania Jeffries, Izabella Niewiadomska, Ruth Driscoll, and Sylvia Baldock) from the Women of Contribution movement. Women look back on their younger selves sharing an experience that changed their lives passing on wisdom, hope, knowledge and inspiration to other women as a reminder that event the deepest, darkest moments can be seen as moments of great strength and courage. Kezia Luckett, CEO and Trailblazer of the Women of Contribution is creator of this book.

Women who read the book are asked to complete the message box at the front of the book before passing it on, whether it’s leaving it on a train or bus, or simply handing it to a friend or family member. By doing this as billion lives will be touched and many women will feel inspired and find a ray of hope to turn their lives around in moments of adversity.

Ania Jeffries: Sharing my story in the book has taken me out of my comfort zone. I hope that my story will enable others to find the strength to share theirs. To know that it’s time to stop wearing a mask. It’s time to share your vulnerability in order to pay it forward for the next generation.


Izabella Niewiadomska: My life’s mission is to contribute to people’s lives, through my work, my thoughts, my words and actions. So, when Kezia invited me to be part of her book, I didn’t hesitate even for a second. It was a natural decision and a brilliant opportunity to impact more female leaders, to transform their health and the communities they work and live in. Same as with the Women Work event. Perfect alignment!

The book is available to purchase via Amazon on kindle and paperback. Click on the button below to be directed to the book:

The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self

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The Rewards of Never Giving Up!

After 5 years of research, hard work, determination and “never giving up”, Tammy Clark, Author and Illustrator and Creative Director of Women Work was proud to see her much anticipated book: The Secret in the Rainbow – A Gift of Positivity be released on Amazon in February 2018.

The Secret in the Rainbow is more than just a book – it is a story of courage and triumph combined with thought provoking yet fun activities to enable children the chance to fully understand the concept of what they are reading. Tammy created The Secret in the Rainbow to offer a preventative solution rather than a cure for the emotional wellbeing of children everywhere.

To purchase your book: The Secret in the Rainbow via Amazon, click on the button below.


CLICK HERE to purchase: The Secret in the Rainbow

Natalie Farrell brings to the market her very own Yoga Wear Brand

As featured in OM Yoga and Lifestyle magazine’s best yoga…

Yummy Yoga Girl is a new yoga wear brand from the UK. Designed by a yoga teacher exclusively to match every aspect of the modern yogini. Stylish yet practical the materials are chosen specifically for their soft natural properties so to be kind to the skin. Light, comfortable and long-lasting this exclusive boutique range allows you the freedom needed to move through your practice and day whilst giving you confidence from within. As featured in Om Best Yoga Wear Guide.

For more information and to view Natalie’s full range of Yoga wear, please click on the button below:

Natalie will also be speaking at the ANLP International Conference on 19th May where she will be presenting a workshop entitled “I wish I could sing.”

Become the singer you wish to be in this 30 minute interactive workshop, where you will learn how to sing from techniques modelled and replicated from singers of excellence. This taster session will help you: Break free from your limiting beliefs related to singing and performance anxiety, identify the states for skilful and exceptional performance and apply The Circle of Excellence for effective communication.

To contact Natalie, call: 07985 783606

Women Work is delighted to welcome on board the inspirational, Joanne Divine Life Yogini

I am Joanne-Divine Life Yogini and I am a teacher of Dynamic Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Kriya yoga and Well-Being and have been helping people achieve positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and an abundant life for twenty years.

I have just published my book Dreaming of a Divine Life and many have described it as an inspirational read, empowering and helping them to make changes in their lives. I am now creating The Divine Life Yoga and Wellness Video Course which accompanies my book with yoga, fitness, detox, anti-ageing and bespoke nutrition programs. Visit my website:

to purchase the book and videos and Free Meditations from me and my Sat Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath.

Joanne will be running an hours workshop combining an insight into yoga, meditation and an inspirational talk in one of Salomons beautifully presented private rooms on the day of the event, 20th April 2018 between 3:30 – 4:30pm. You can book into Joanne’s session by visiting our ticketing and programme page.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for the Women Work Community

FREE BOOK OFFER: How To Write and Publish a Bestselling Book by Richard McMunn

Message from Richard McMunn: This offer is exclusive to the Women Work members as I usually offer people a free download copy. However, I would be happy to send you a free copy in the post (UK addresses ONLY.)

CLICK HERE: How To Write and Publish a Bestselling Book to be directed to the offer.

Kent Women in Business Awards 2018

We are extremely proud of two ladies – Siobhan Stirling, Sharp Minds & 50 Challenges and Emily Brown, Photography for their fantastic achievements at the Kent Women in Business Awards 2018. Click on the link below to view all the details of the evening and the awards that Siobhan and Emily won.

Kent Women in Business Awards 2018 Results